Monica Demarco lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is a graduate of the University of New Mexico with degrees in Piano Performance and Theory/Composition.

She loves creating and working in the wide open sky and desert atmosphere. Her compositions as an art music composer have won numerous awards, such as the Scott Wilkinson Composition Contest at UNM in 2008 for the piece “Las Hijas de la Chingada” and again in 2009 for the piece “Fray.”

Demarco’s work is widely varied in content and style. “The most important thing about art to me is that it is an honest representation of the artist’s unique perspective,” she says. “I want to hear that individual’s voice and experience what new ideas they have to bring to the table. In my own work, I strive to be as honest about my current experience as I can be, following my own creative intuition and interests, even if they are controversial or unpopular.”

Demarco’s work spans a range of styles from incorporating experimentation into rock and pop, and classical music. She enjoys collaboration with many different artistic disciplines including dance, theatre and visual art.

She owns the Vivace Music Piano Studio in Albuquerque, which is dedicated to developing creativity and passion for music in students of all ages and musical backgrounds. As a teacher, Demarco strives to help develop “musicians who are independent thinkers and understand what music means to their lives and communities.” The studio strives to be a place that is open and welcoming to the Albuquerque community.

Demarco’s endeavors include her work with Ya Ya Boom, a group that performed in Austin’s South by Southwest in 2011 and produced several albums over a decade. Her side work includes working with the internationally know act The Red Elvises. She toured with the group through June and July of 2011.

She performs solo under the name Cthulha. Cthulha has enjoyed collaboration with amazing New Mexican artists like Kris Kerby and Jessica Billey. She is also a bassist in the local Albuquerque band Chicharra, releasing it’s second album in fall 2017. As a cellist, she enjoys collaboration with hip-hop noise band Bigawatt and plays in the string quartet The Venus Rings. As a performance artist, she works with Milch de la Máchina and also Air Dance Art Space, an aerial dance school, as an aerial performer and the group’s resident composer.