Ongoing Projects

As a solo artist, Demarco performs under the name Cthulha. This project comes in many different forms including solo experimental musical performance with vocal, piano, cello, and electronics, sometimes featuring an aerial or physical component. She has also enjoyed collaboration with Albuquerque musicians Jessica Billey (violin) and Kris Kerby (drums) as a trio playing with her. The first album Red Fish is available at Currently, Cthulha performs primarily solo throughout the southwest and will be releasing another album in 2017.


As a collaborator, Demarco enjoys playing bass for the band Chicharra, a collage of heavy experimental rock and dreamy vocals. The band released it’s first album in 2016 and will be releasing it’s next album with Matron Records in the fall of 2017. Monica also enjoys conceptualizing and directing music video’s for the band. New videos are expected in July and September of 2017.


Demarco is also the musical director for AirDance New Mexico, a nonprofit organization devoted to the aerial arts in Albuquerque, N.M. The company does two full-scale productions a year, and Demarco contributes as both an aerial artist and musician. For each production, she coordinates a new ensemble of local musicians to collaboratively compose new original music for the show. Often the collaborations are so successful they form new projects or inspire new albums. The ensembles have included everything from bands of many musical styles, choirs, string quartets and percussion groups. Every show is unique and requires innovative new music.


Cthulha was the featured cellist and composer for Nemcatacoa Teatro, a Columbian theatre company performing Asymmetrical Bodies as part of Tricklock‘s International Revolutions Theatre Festival 2017. She can also be seen performing with Bigawatt, an Albuquerque heavy hitting noise project of Marisa Demarco’s, and The Venus Rings, an experimental string group formed through an AirDance NM production. Other projects include her work with Milch de la Máquina, an ABQ founded women’s performance art troupe, and Death Convention Singers, a massive collective of Albuquerque’s most innovative musicians. Over the last decade, Demarco could also be found playing bass for Ya Ya Boom, a pop-rock project with four produced albums, and on tour with The Red Elvises in 2011.