Vivace Music Piano Studio

Vivace Music Piano studio is celebrating 14 years of teaching and collaborating! The studio accepts students of all ages and musical ability. Students are encouraged to explore their own creative passions in addition to learning fundamental skills and technique. Demarco emphasizes music theory for a deeper understanding of musical expression, as well as composition and creative approaches to pedagogy with the understanding that not “one size fits all” on the path of musical development. The studio spotlights composition and theory as Demarco’s primary passions.

Since her graduation in 2009, Demarco has been studying Taubman Technique with Stephen Montoya, a local specialist in this groundbreaking approach to piano technique. The technique emphasizes the elegant efficiency of the human body in relation to the ergonomics of the keyboard. It’s a healthy approach for the body that will allow playing to last for a lifetime, avoiding the injuries that afflict so many pianists.

Demarco is also the president of the New Mexico Federation of Music Clubs, an organization that offers a wide range of internationally recognized events for young musicians. Students are invited to explore the wide range of programs and select events based on their own pursuits. Some events can be competitive, while others are more focused on personal development. For a detailed overview of these programs please visit

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