Monica Demarco is a composer from Albuquerque, N.M. She received her degrees in piano performance and theory/composition from the University of New Mexico. Demarco has a fascination with the connection of physical movement and sound. Many of her performances have included her work as an aerial dancer and martial artist, in addition to her work as a composer. Artistically Monica finds herself exploring the purpose and practice of human ritual and spirituality. Her music varies wildly from her experience as a virtuoso pianist with a love of barbarism and mysticism to her work in contemporary rock, experimental electronic music and noise. Demarco specializes in scoring and working with dance and live theatre and has experience scoring film and writing for traditional musical ensembles.

Her most recent works have included compositions for young, blooming musicians. As an educator, Demarco enjoys writing for musicians in different stages of development. A colleague and friend Sabrina Murton commissioned solo piano works at a variety of levels in 2016. Each piece centered on New Mexican myths and locations from the book The Miracles and Mysteries of New Mexico by Jack Kutz. Demarco was also commissioned by Karles McQuade, the director of Intermezzo, a Santa Fe-based children’s string orchestra. For this ensemble, Demarco wrote “Zozobra,” an exploration of the power dynamic within the orchestra as expressed through the folktale Zozobra. The piece was focused on allowing young adults to explore their own agency and dynamic voice.